Niyati and the leaders of tomorrow!

We hear often that we, the youth of today, are the leaders of tomorrow. We’re the inheritors of this
world and we want to, have to try to make it a good one for our future. May seem like a bit of a heavy
responsibility, but we really do have the capacity and power to influence change in our world—every
one of us. Our minds are fresh, ambitious and full of dreams and ideals. We have the vigour and fervour
and fearlessness of an adventurer on a newly discovered land. But sometimes these things are hidden or
dormant and we need to be nudged a little to let them fully emerge.

As an Academic Link in residence for the past three years, I’ve felt this nudge every day. I’ve had and
still have fears, reservations, doubts; I get lazy and discouraged. But being in the company of student
leaders in residence who are committed to making their communities good and strong encourages me,
inspires me and drives me every day to find and connect with those qualities that we all have that make
us leaders. I have learned a lot on this job, but mostly I’m constantly pushed to be honest with myself,
be true to myself and overcome those things that cloud the true nature of my being so that I can come
closer to being the change I want to see in my world. Isn’t that where influencing change begins— at
home, with our own selves? That really is the essence of good leadership training, the keyword being
training. Good training and good company make all the difference.

This is what AMPED was created for: to be a place where we can encourage and inspire each other
to find our strengths that the world needs to become better and stronger. And a place to meet new
people, share ideas, eat and be merry. It is truly an opportunity not to be missed!

I leave you with this and hope to meet you at AMPED!


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