Work in Progress.

Hey everyone! My name is Hannah Van Dyk and I’m the RA for Pitman 14. I’m also on the administration team for AMPED and I am so excited to see and get to know you all.

I always liked to think I was a leader in high school. I was the co-president of Student Council in my final year of high school, I planned events well, I knew what was going on within the school, I led events with grace and dignity, and most importantly, I was always calm, cool, and collected. I never thought I was the best leader, but I thought I was doing an okay job.

Until the day my best friend told me I got stressed too easily and I’m a controlling person. He’s a constant reminder that there’s always something new to work on as a leader – there is always an area for growth and improvement.

I believe there is always a better version of ourselves. We grow into better versions of ourselves, we adapt and overcome, and this is so relevant and true in leadership.

A great leader doesn’t stay the same in every circumstance: we shift and change until we find what works. We smooth our rough edges, we work hard to build up our leadership strengths. We try to become the best leader we can be, because nobody wants a mediocre leader.

This means, I’ve been learning how to work through my controlling ways. . . slowly but surely. This also means I’m learning how to be positive and encouraging in a greater way, because I find that those are my strengths as a leader.

So what are your rough edges? What are your strengths? Do you even know what leadership truly is? Want an open place to discuss these ideas and more? Make sure you sign up for AMPED, our annual residence wide leadership conference from January 18-19, 2013. Check out the website for more information!


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